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Gira knows food – and most of the actors in the European food chain. We operate in the drink and food sectors and the food-based retail chain throughout the whole of Europe and worldwide in some product sectors such as meat, fish and dairy.

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Bakery Market Overview


Future drivers such as snacking and food-to-go, local sourcing and bake-off products expected to create positive growth trends in the bakery sector over the coming years.

European bakery consumption has been very static over the past decade but was heavily impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, falling by almost 2% pa between 2019 and 2021. With 38 mio tons in 2021, bakery consumption is going to follow a positive trend in the coming years, recovering from the Pandemic.


The new Gira European Bakery Company Panorama, published in November 2022, provides a comprehensive analysis of bakery product consumption, distribution, and production structure in 29 European countries + Turkey. There is also a unique League Table ranking the top 200 European industrial bakers according to their bakery turnover.


Current sector challenges and opportunities:

  • The shift from fresh to packaged bakery products seen during the COVID-19 crisis will fade
  • The demand for local production, sustainability, and healthier products, as well as home-baking and food-on-the go, will continue, whereas premiumisation may be temporarily limited by high inflation
  • In bakery distribution, some long-term trends are expected to remain, such as shopping locally, on-line sales and home deliveries. The foodservice sectors have been strongly affected by lockdowns but are now seeing dynamic trends
  • Bake-off will become the number one supply method for total bakery products in 2026.


Figure: Bakery products consumption cumulative growth by supply origin– 2021/2026f

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(6th Edition to be Published Summer 2024) Bake-off is the strongest growing sector in a European bakery product market, still recovering from the COVID-19 crisis. Bake-off bakery products remain the key target for the majority of Europe’s industrial bakers. But where are the most realistic opportunities in the bake-off sector? Are there any new threats


Dynamic Bakery Segments : Soft buns, Flatbreads, Doughnuts and US/American pastries


(2nd edition published in November 2023) The European bakery market is mature and will face major challenges, however, four dynamic product segments (soft buns, flatbreads, doughnuts and US/American Pastries ) are showing promising growth rates and are of increasing interest for consumers – and therefore for all players along the bakery chain.


European Bakery Companies Panorama


(4th Edition Published October 2022) The only pan-European industrial bakery, databank with explanation and informed opinion on what it means. Gira’s Panorama, updated every three years, contains comprehensive corporate, structural and market information on the four major bakery products, bread, viennoiserie, patisserie and savoury pastry.


The Different Business Models of Bakery Chains in Europe

Bakery, Foodservice

(Published January 2022) There are over 50,000 bakery and coffee shop chain outlets in Europe, which hold 15% of fresh bakery distribution in Europe and 13% share of industrial fresh and bake-off bakery product production, due to owned manufacturing plants. With blurring boundaries between retail and foodservice, and in a growing industrial competitive environment, there is an


Covid-19 Crisis : Impact on European Bakery Markets


(Published March 2021) Covid-19 started in Wuhan on 10th December 2019, but didn’t make global consciousness until mid-January 2020. The Chinese lock-down hit the front pages across the world on the 23rd January 2020 as 10 cities were shut down. The disruption and fear became global, touching every aspect of business and social life!


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