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Bake-off Bakery Markets in Europe

Feb, 17, 2020

(5th Edition Published December 2019)

Bake-off is the strongest growing sector in a globally stagnant European bakery product market, with Bake-off bakery products now being the key target for almost all of Europe’s industrial bakers.

But where really are the best opportunities? And are there any new threats that may change the equation?

Gira’s NEW report provides a unique, qualitative and quantitative forecasting database on European Bake-off markets; up-to-date, comprehensive and, above all, fully comparable information.  The key objective of this Study is to measure the Bake-off market and to situate it in its dynamic context – its products, industry structures and the many different strategies of its operators and their clients with a sub-analysis for each of the countries covered.

  • Countries covered:  Belgium – Czech Republic – Denmark – Finland – France – Germany – Hungary – Italy – Netherlands – Poland – Portugal – Spain – Sweden – United Kingdom
  • as well as Russia – Turkey

Gira makes a series of recommendations for operators, both in each of the Country Reports and, in a more general nature, in the Synthesis volume.

For full details on this programme, click on the proposal title or the download button above.  If you require further information, you may contact Anne Fremaux, Director Bakery, on 0033 4 50 40 24 00 or a.fremaux@girafood.com.

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