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Gira knows food – and most of the actors in the European food chain. We operate in the drink and food sectors and the food-based retail chain throughout the whole of Europe and worldwide in some product sectors such as meat, fish and dairy.

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Dairy Market Overview


Global demand for dairy products is increasing but the entire dairy sector is facing several changes all at once.

To face and survive these challenges, strategic market information is essential. Gira’s expertise and experience in this sector results in an unparalleled ability to collect, compile and analyse data and opinion to master critical issues relevant to the dairy market today and in the future. We answer the questions you are asking:

  • What is the current level of production, import, export or consumption of a dairy product in a specific country?
  • What will happen next year? And in the next five years?
  • Will prices rise or fall? Why?
  • Which countries are the most interesting?

Current sector challenges and opportunities:

  • Consumption trends are changing. The sector must remain agile, adapting to new consumer demands, e.g. GMO-free, organic, lactose-free, animal welfare
  • The return to dairy fats. Butter consumption is back with considerable impact on the product mix and prices of all dairy commodities
  • Price volatility is the new norm. Frequent imbalances in supply and demand, the end of EU milk quotas, the Russian embargo, Chinese over-buying, EU SMP stocks and trade agreements all create volatility and are now part of the trading rules
  • New consumer nations. The development of dairy consumption outside the traditional dairy-producing regions increases the potential for commodity imports and investment in burgeoning new dairy markets
  • Novel dairy Ingredients. The traditional dairy market is expanding due to the growing importance of new added-value technology and the continuous development of more complex and dedicated technical products

The dairy market includes a wide range of products derived from milk, including fluid milk, cheese, butter, powders, cream, fresh dairy products and technical dairy ingredients. From traditional dairy products and commodities, to specific and more recent technical dairy ingredients, Gira understands and works with the vast spectrum of dairy products, and our customers operate along the entire dairy sector food chain.

Contact us to find out how Gira can help you turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.

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Plant-Based Protein Market in Europe

Plant Based Protein Market in Europe

Plant-Based Protein Market in Europe 1 file(s) 524 Download (To be published May 2024) 📢 New study by Gira: The Plant-Based Protein Market in Europe, with a focus on soy, pea and wheat proteins destined for the food industry. What will you receive in the Plant-Based Protein Market in Europe report? ✅Production, exports and imports Read More...

Gira Dairy Club 2023


(13th Edition to be published October 2023) The Gira Dairy Club (GDC) provides an exclusive, annual analysis of milk production and the main dairy commodities in each of the world’s major producing, consuming and trading countries.


Gira Ingredients Club

Dairy, Global, Technical Ingredients
Gira Ingredients Club 2023 (Proposal) 1 file(s) 966 Download (1st Edition published in September 2023) Be part of Gira’s first-ever Gira Ingredients Club this September…focusing on alternative proteins, GOS/HMO and fat’s new development.   Why the Gira Ingredients Club? Gira created the Gira Ingredients Club (GIC), dedicated to dairy and non-dairy ingredients, to address the Read More...

The Global Market for Milk Sugars: milk/whey permeates and lactose

Dairy, Global, Technical Ingredients

(1st Edition to be published in September 2023) The global market for milk sugars is driven on the supply side by growing raw material availability (more and more milk and whey protein concentrates) and on the demand side by the development of lactose derivatives like lactulose, lactitol and GOS.


The Lactoferrin & Lactoperoxidase Global Markets study

The Lactoferrin & Lactoperoxidase Global Markets study (Proposal) 1 file(s) 912 Download (1st Edition Published June 2022)   Double-digit growth expected for lactoferrin, enhanced by immunity boosting products trend and non-food sectors   Lactoferrin (LF) and Lactoperoxidase (LP), two bio-components of milk, are currently generating much interest in the dairy world. The global lactoferrin market has Read More...

Alt-Protein Outlook to 2031 – UK, France, Germany & The Netherlands

Dairy, Meat

(1st Edition to be published July 2022) For full details, click on the proposal title or the download button.


Alt-Protein Outlook to 2031 – The US

Dairy, Meat

(1st Edition to be published July 2022) For full details, click on the proposal title or the download button.


China’s Alternative Protein Market

Dairy, Meat

(1st Edition Published June 2021) For full details on this study, click on the download button above.


Long term Dairy Trends…What could happen by 2030?


What will the dairy world look like in 10 years? In recent years, shifts in the dairy industry were underway, albeit at a relatively low level. Covid-19 has punctured several strong and pronounced consumer trends and driven a consumer reversion to known comforts. However, this situation is temporary and therefore is unlikely to last much


Covid-19: Global Crisis Analysis

Dairy, Meat

(Published April 2020) The Black Swan Event of a Generation Covid-19 started in Wuhan on 10th December 2019, but didn’t make global consciousness until mid-January 2020. With the global disruption and fear now touching every aspect of business and social life, the food industries of the world are facing challenges of an unimaginable scale only


Dedicated products & services

Gira’s products and services fall into the following categories

Consulting services

Using an empirical, information-driven approach, we apply global market intelligence and experience to complex challenges, producing concrete strategies and action plans to fit your business needs.

Individual market research

We obtain the data, interview the players, make sense of the insights and forecast the key future trends to help you develop and refine your strategic and operational goals.

Multi-client market research

Our unique multi-client studies keep you at the cutting edge of strategic developments in your sector, giving you an unrivalled database and forecasts, and a real competitive advantage.

Market audits and due diligence

Our unequalled depth of sector knowledge means we analyse and interpret information rapidly and efficiently, allowing us to operate within tight time and budgetary constraints.

Presentations, workshops, conferences

Presenting our latest research and market intelligence adds real value to your business events – an AGM, a team meeting or a client conference