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Dynamic Bakery Segments : Soft buns, Flatbreads, Doughnuts and US/American pastries

Feb, 09, 2023

(2nd edition to be published in July 2023)

The European bakery market is mature and will face major challenges, however, four dynamic product segments (soft buns, flatbreads, doughnuts and US/American Pastries ) are showing promising growth rates and are of increasing interest for consumers – and therefore for all players along the bakery chain.


Gira is about to update its 2018 research into these dynamic products segments, that account for 13% of the total bakery market in 2021. What are the drivers in these segments? Which products will move into the mainstream? What makes them popular among consumers? Which recipes, formats, flavours, toppings etc. are most popular? What are their distribution channel specificities? Will bakery, coffee-shop or fast-food chains continue to be the driving force behind market growth? What are the production strategy options and challenges for manufacturers?


This new edition will cover market figures, product segmentation, main consumption occasions, consumption trends, drivers and brakes, distribution structure, technologies and production options, main industrial producers (packaged and bake-off products), as well as two new sections a) insightful and informative profiles of the major industrial bakers supplying Dynamic Bakery segments in each country and b) League Table of the major bakery companies supplying Dynamic Bakery segments in Europe.


What do you get if you subscribe?

  • Webinar highlighting the key research conclusions and insights from the study.
  • Synthesis Report of the Dynamic Bakery segment markets and players.
  • Country Reports including a description of the Dynamic Bakery segment markets and industry structures in the six main countries covered in the research, which account for about 66% of the total market for Dynamic Bakery products in Europe.


For full details on this study, click on the proposal above to download. If you have any questions and would like to speak directly with the project management team, contact our Bakery Director, Anne Fremaux at afremaux@girafood.com or Ségolène Foissac, Bakery Consultant, at sfoissac@girafood.com


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