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Gira knows food – and most of the actors in the European food chain. We operate in the drink and food sectors and the food-based retail chain throughout the whole of Europe and worldwide in some product sectors such as meat, fish and dairy.

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Foodservice Market Overview


Slow start of foodservice recovery with niche market opportunities

In 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic impacted severely the global foodservice sector, due to social distancing regulations and the closure and bankruptcy of millions of foodservice outlets.

2021 will be a year of transition and rebuilding in Europe and in the US, but it will take time before the industry gets back to pre-pandemic levels. On the contrary, China has been able to recover with positive growth much faster, from the end of 2020 onwards.

In Europe and the US, the speed of recovery remains subject to many uncertain criteria, mainly the speed of the vaccination campaign, with delays in vaccinations looming in Europe…it is likely that Europe will emerge from the crisis later than expected, given the addition of border restrictions in EU countries.

Even once the desired level of herd immunity is finally reached, will people go back to restaurants? There will certainly be no rebound to pre-COVID levels due to a reduction in average income. How many restaurants have closed and will not reopen?

In commercial foodservice, full-service restaurants will remain the hardest hit whereas limited service concepts are better equipped, predominantly thanks to delivery and take-away concepts. While social foodservice will remain penalised, mainly because of remote working and online learning, opportunities exist for foodservice operators and their suppliers.


Total FS Sales, 2020/19 and 2021/2019, CN, US, EU27+UK


In 2021, Gira is launching two studies of promising concepts in these times of crisis in the foodservice industry:

– the ghost kitchens phenomenon

– plant-based alternatives in foodservice.

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Dedicated products & services

Gira’s products and services fall into the following categories

Strategic Consultancy

Using an empirical, information-driven approach, we apply global market intelligence and experience to complex challenges, producing concrete strategies and action plans to fit your business needs.

Individual market research

We obtain the data, interview the players, make sense of the insights and forecast the key future trends to help you develop and refine your strategic and operational goals.

Multi-client market research

Our unique multi-client studies keep you at the cutting edge of strategic developments in your sector, giving you an unrivalled database and forecasts, and a real competitive advantage.

Market audits & due diligence

Our unequalled depth of sector knowledge means we analyse and interpret information rapidly and efficiently, allowing us to operate within tight time and budgetary constraints.

Presentations, workshops, conferences

Presenting our latest research and market intelligence adds real value to your business events – an AGM, a team meeting or a client conference