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Covid-19 Crisis : Impact on European Bakery Markets

Mar, 08, 2021

(Published March 2021)

Covid-19 started in Wuhan on 10th December 2019, but didn’t make global consciousness until mid-January 2020. The Chinese lock-down hit the front pages across the world on the 23rd January 2020 as 10 cities were shut down. The disruption and fear became global, touching every aspect of business and social life!

Today the bakery industry is struggling to understand the scale of the issue and its implications across all sectors of its supply chain. All the answers are not there yet and the situation will continue to evolve. To help clarify the situation Gira wants to provide a reference point at an uncertain time, to link the various implications and issues back to the root cause and to carry out a strategic assessment of the future impact.

The objective of this report is to provide clear insight into the impact of the global Covid-19 crisis on the European bakery marketsThe focus is to allow those working in the bakery supply chain to better understand the impact this Covid-19 crisis is having on their businesses today; to make you better informed; to help plan the inevitable rebuilding process that will eventually follow.

The 100-page report is published in English, in a searchable PDF format; completed with an updated Excel database by country.  It also includes an individual one-hour direct call with a member of our key team, allowing you to discuss the impact on your business in private.

For full details, click on the proposal title or the download button above.  If you require further information, you may contact Anne Fremaux on +33 679 443 942 or a.fremaux@girafood.com.

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