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The Different Business Models of Bakery Chains in Europe

Mar, 09, 2022

(Published January 2022)

There are over 50,000 bakery and coffee shop chain outlets in Europe, which hold 15% of fresh bakery distribution in Europe and 13% share of industrial fresh and bake-off bakery product production, due to owned manufacturing plants.

With blurring boundaries between retail and foodservice, and in a growing industrial competitive environment, there is an urgent need to assess which Business Models, of the different bakery chains, will impact the bakery products distribution and production most in the near future.

In this new study, Gira has drawn strategic profiles of the most significant and representative bakery and coffee shop chains, depending on their concept (artisan, discount, sandwich, coffee-shop etc. chains), location, offer, customer segments and also their fresh bakery product supply strategies. This newly released report will help you understand the importance and dynamics of bakery and coffee shop chains, along the full bakery supply chain:

  • Who are the top bakery and coffee shop chains?
  • Which business models will be the fastest growing and most promising in the future?
  • What each model offers and/or produces?
  • To which extent they will challenge retailers, foodservice operators, and industrial bakers?
  • How these segments will evolve?

Being aware of the future winning bakery chains’ Business Models will help you identify how bakery chains could be potential threats or even opportunities for retailers, foodservice operators and industrial bakery manufacturers

For full details on this study, click on the brochure title or the download button above.  If you require further information, you may contact Anne Fremaux, Director Bakery, at 0033 4 50 40 24 00 or a.fremaux@girafood.com or Ségolène Foissac, Bakery Consultant, at s.foissac@girafood.com

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