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Webinar: What's new in the world of Precision Fermentation?

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    • Webinar: What’s new in the world of Precision Fermentation?
Feb, 05, 2024

Gira’s next client-exclusive webinar on ‘What’s new in the world of Precision Fermentation?’ takes place on Tuesday the 13th of February @ 15.00 CET.

Our in-house experts, Mylène Potier and Laurène Bajard look forward to sharing their views and expertise on Precision Fermentation, including:

  • Latest news & data
  • Upcoming company evolution
  • Use of AI
  • Functionality opportunities for dairy, meat and plant-based companies

This 30-minute webinar is followed by a 15-minute Q&A session with Mylène and Laurène.

Are you a client and haven’t received your link to register? Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Contact Laurène Bajard directly.

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