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Covid-19: Global Crisis Analysis

Mar, 30, 2020

(Published April 2020)

The Black Swan Event of a Generation

Covid-19 started in Wuhan on 10th December 2019, but didn’t make global consciousness until mid-January 2020. With the global disruption and fear now touching every aspect of business and social life, the food industries of the world are facing challenges of an unimaginable scale only three months ago.

What does it mean for your business today?

In this global crisis analysis, Gira will put the first markers down, look for the early lessons and build a base of insight for us all to move forward from, in the form of a focused report with a webinar on release and a follow-up webinar later.

The objective of this report is to provide clear insight into the impact of the evolving Covid-19 situation, both its roots in China and its step change into a global crisis, on the meat and dairy supply chains and the key components of it. Its focus is to make you better informed, aiding informed decision making at a time when most in the industry are focused only on the immediate challenge…

Today the global meat and dairy industries are struggling to understand the scale of the issue and its implications across all sectors of their supply chains. All the answers are not there yet and the situation will continue to evolve. To help clarify the situation Gira wants to:

– Provided a reference point at an uncertain time.
– Link the various implications and issues back to the root cause.
– Carry out a strategic assessment of the future impact.

For full details on this crisis analysis, click on the proposal title or the download button above.  If you require further information, you may contact Christophe Lafougere (clafougere@girafood.com), Richard Brown (rbrown@girafood.com) or Rupert Claxton (rclaxton@girafood.com).

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