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Gira Ingredients Club

Jun, 08, 2023

(1st Edition published in September 2023)

Be part of Gira’s first-ever Gira Ingredients Club this September…focusing on alternative proteins, GOS/HMO and fat’s new development.


Why the Gira Ingredients Club?

Gira created the Gira Ingredients Club (GIC), dedicated to dairy and non-dairy ingredients, to address the shared objectives, issues, and challenges of clients from various sectors in the food industry.

Since Gira’s first Gira Dairy Club (GDC) thirteen years ago, we noticed that what we called “Technical Dairy Ingredients (TDIs)” over the years gained importance among our GDC members’ interests. The valorisation of these TDIs, some of which were initially co-produced waste, now makes the difference in the bottom line of all dairy companies. However, dairy proteins are not alone! Over the last few years, the rapid development of plant-based ingredients (and other sources) and bioengineered molecules across the food sector are bringing new opportunities and challenges.

What will you get at the Gira Ingredients Club?

  • High-quality networking opportunities: meet dozens of dairy and ingredients companies (mainly CEOs, strategy planners, sales and procurement directors), as well as our team of in-house and external food industry experts!
  • Key presentations at our one-day annual conference, with topics ranging from fats to GOS/HMOS and alternative proteins (plant-based & precision fermentation), with detailed and insightful presentations.
  • Three ‘ingredients’ newsletters throughout the year (market situation, hot topics, main companies’ events, etc.), each supported by a webinar.
  • Discount on three special-focus studies (milk sugars, dairy fats valorisation, and alternative protein’s outlook)

Gira is launching this new club with special first-edition membership fees to welcome founder support for the unveiling of this new and exciting club. Contact us to subscribe and be part of the Club!

For full details on this first edition of the Gira Ingredients Club, click on the proposal or the download button above. If you require further information, you may contact Christophe Lafougère at clafougere@girafood.com.


Gira has decades of expertise in organising and hosting events in ‘club’ format. We have been bringing major global dairy players together at the Gira Dairy Club (GDC) for 13 years, and major global meat producers together at the Gira Meat Club (GMC) for 48 years and at the Gira Asia Meat Club (GAMC) for 11 years.

What our clients say about our clubs…

“The GDC is the combination of “Open your Ears and Around the World in two days”. A data source and outlook that sparks new ideas, and all topped up with inputs from leading food and beverage industry experts are thinking, working on, and interested in – captured in a confidential and energized atmosphere made by the way GIRA has organized the events.”

“The presentations cover important topics that the dairy industry will be dealing with in the coming years. Expert speakers provide valuable insights. It is an effective way to interact with industry decision-makers in a convivial atmosphere”. 

“…while many statistics can be found or bought elsewhere, talking behind the scenes with Gira’s accomplished experts adds the extra edge to market understanding”.

“The expert team at Gira is very skilled at cutting through the very complex and noisy environment within which the food industry operates and coming up with very clear insights and forecasts to help understand what is happening in the food industry”.

“Gira cuts through the masses in information and highlights what is important and relevant to our industry and how we are positioned against competing proteins”.

To stay informed on this study and other exciting projects at Gira, follow us on our Gira LinkedIn page.

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