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Long term Dairy Trends...What could happen by 2030?

May, 06, 2021

What will the dairy world look like in 10 years?

In recent years, shifts in the dairy industry were underway, albeit at a relatively low level. Covid-19 has punctured several strong and pronounced consumer trends and driven a consumer reversion to known comforts. However, this situation is temporary and therefore is unlikely to last much longer. Many in the industry are already looking at where the real growth opportunities lie!

Major demand and supply drivers will influence and shape the industry over the next five, and in particular ten years! For example, new entrants and challenger brands, as well as the rising trend of substitution will become an increasing threat to demand in the traditional dairy industry. The continuing reduction in farm numbers, the implementation of stricter environmental legislation and technological advances will put the pressure on supply.

  • Do you want to know what the key challenges and threats will be?
  • Are you seeking out opportunities for growth and development?
  • Do you need help to develop a strong and robust strategy to manage the future dairy environment?

Gira’s ‘Long-term Dairy Trends’ can answer many of your questions. The study will provide essential insights on what direction we expect the dairy industry to take in the coming decade, across products and geogrpahies. Gira’s unique, extensive and detailed dairy database, coupled with 50 years of expertise in animal protein and an extensive network of international experts, ensures that the most valuable sources of relevant data and market information are used to produce this report.

For full details, click on the proposal title or the download button above. If you require further information, you may contact Christophe Lafougère at clafougere@girafood.com.

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