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📣NOW AVAILABLE - Potential impact of an HPAI (bird flu) outbreak (bird flu) in Brazil on the global industry

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Mar, 14, 2024

When Brazil finds HPAI (bird flu) in the commercial flock, the global ramifications are a reset!

The Risk

Brazil’s poultry sector is a major global producer and a major contributor to supply in many markets, accounting for 33% of total traded poultry.  The risk of an HPAI outbreak in Brazil is two-fold, with significant global ramifications:

  • Firstly, the direct ramifications on production in Brazil, from losses through infection, and a reduction in confidence in the sector as producers reduce hatching egg placements.
  • Secondly, the impact on global supply; will import countries implement a total and instant ban on imports of Brazilian poultry or a more tempered regional approach, but what happens with their supply…

Until Brazil declares an outbreak in commercial birds there are many unknowns, not least when and where (Brazil is a big country).  But also, how might the key importers react, and what is the ripple effect? This study sets out the scenarios and will revisit them after the event of an outlook. Forewarned is forearmed!

How is your company planning for this? How will it affect your company?

Gira’s crisis study report on the “Potential impact of an HPAI (bird flu) outbreak (bird flu) in Brazil on the global industry” deep dives into the key impacts of an outbreak, what the variables are, and how they will impact both Brazil’s ability to produce and export chicken, and the importers’ stance on Brazilian access. This report provides a pre-brief to companies involved in the global protein supply chains, what their teams should be aware of, and how can it play out globally? The overarching objective is to help companies make decisions when an HPAI outbreak happens. The situation will move fast and the need for information will be paramount. If Gira’s HPAI crisis study report interests you, contact Rupert Claxton directly to discuss it further.

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