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NEW STUDY! Covid-19 Crisis: Impact on European Bakery Markets

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    • NEW STUDY! Covid-19 Crisis: Impact on European Bakery Markets
Apr, 23, 2020

The global disruption of Covid-19 has faced food industries of the world into challenges of an unimaginable scale only three months ago. Today, the bakery industry is struggling to understand the scale of the issue and its implications across all sectors of its supply chain. All the answers are not there yet and the situation will continue to evolve. To help clarify the situation Gira will:

-> provide a reference point at an uncertain time.

-> link the various implications and issues back to the root cause.

-> carry out a strategic assessment of the future impact.

The objective of this study, which is a spin-off of Gira’s “Bake-off Bakery Markets in Europe” report published last December, is to provide clear insight into the impact of the global Covid-19 crisis on the European bakery markets, while updating the Gira’s figures and forecasts published end-December 2019.

The focus is to allow those working in the bakery supply chain to better understand the impact that the Covid-19 crisis is having on their businesses today; to make you better informed; to help plan the inevitable rebuilding process that will eventually follow.

The report will be published mid-July with a second phase planned this autumn.

To access full details on this study, click here.  If you wish to discuss this study directly with our Bakery Director, Anne Fremaux, you may contact her on +33 679 443 942 or a.fremaux@girafood.com.