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📣 NEW STUDIES! Alt-Protein Market Outlook in the US and EU

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    • 📣 NEW STUDIES! Alt-Protein Market Outlook in the US and EU
Mar, 15, 2022

The US and EU Alt-Protein market…

…what are the drivers, challenges and opportunities in the future?


Following the success our recent ‘China’s Alt-Protein Market’, Gira has launched two new alt-protein studies for the US and European markets. Gira will lay out robust and transparent projections on how the industry is expected to evolve in the coming years, highlighting key opportunities and threats for operators throughout the alt-protein value chain.

Intangibles such as health, sustainability and animal welfare are key purchase drivers today, with consumers in the larger flexitarian group making purchasing decisions based primarily on product fundamentals of taste, price, and convenience. A key challenge will be the availability of ingredients to meet ever-increasing demand, as well as the capability of alt-protein products to meet its dairy and meat counterparts for taste, texture and sensory characteristics and/or reach an equal or more competitive price point. This study will provide everything you need to know on the current market size, structure & growth rate, built out into 10-year market projections.

For full details on each Alt-Protein market outlook study, click on the study title hereafter:

Reach out to Christophe Lafougere or Rupert Claxton for more details on these studies.

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