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Available from December 2019 - "Bake-off bakery markets in Europe" -

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    • Available from December 2019 – “Bake-off bakery markets in Europe” –
Dec, 18, 2019

Bake-off is the strongest growing sector in a globally stagnant European bakery product market.

Estimated at almost 9 million tonnes in 2018, bake-off already accounts for 24% of total (fresh & packaged) bakery products consumption in the 14 European countries covered in this new study. It is forecast to grow robustly in an overall steady bakery market: +3% per year over the next five years, i.e. cumulative growth of over 1 million tonnes in the 5 years to 2023 according to last Gira Bake-off research published end 2019.

Bake-off bakery products are now the key target for almost all of European industrial bakers. But where really are the best opportunities for bake-off products?

In which countries?
– Where are the new markets to target…
– And where are the markets approaching maturity…

In which distribution channels?
– Are modern retailers still the driver of the industry?

For which products?
– Bread, sweet or savoury products: which are offering the highest growth prospects?
– Are there any specific categories within bakery products that bake-off producers should target: recipes, formats, composition etc.

With which technology?
– Is the technology of ready-to-bake still offering the best opportunities?

And are there any new threats that may change the equation?

The 5th update of Gira’s unique, 4-yearly European bake-off bakery markets study provides a unique, qualitative and quantitative forecasting database on European Bake-off markets; up-to-date, comprehensive and, above all, fully comparable information.  The key objective of this Study is to measure the Bake-off market and to situate it in its dynamic context – its products, industry structures and the many different strategies of its operators and their clients with a sub-analysis for each of the countries covered.

  • Countries covered:  Belgium – Czech Republic – Denmark – Finland – France – Germany – Hungary – Italy – Netherlands – Poland – Portugal – Spain – Sweden – United Kingdom
  • as well as Russia – Turkey

Gira makes a series of recommendations for operators, both in each of the Country Reports and, in a more general nature, in the Synthesis volume.

Click here for full details on this new study or contact Anne Fremaux at a.fremaux@girafood.com.