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European Further Processed Meat Markets to 2025

Mar, 10, 2022

(5th edition published February 2022)

The European and UK processed meat market is vast at approximately 14 million tonnes product weight. It is also extremely diverse and complex – with a multitude of national and regional variations.

These markets are diverse, with different segment sizes and characteristics – nonetheless they are subject to similar but very dynamic drivers for change, such as challenging socio economic factors, the threat of raw material meat costs increasing, consumer perceptions of meat and processed meat, the impact of processed meat on human health, protein alternatives, packaging, to name but a few. The nature of these dynamics made this an ideal time to reassess the market prospects and the implications of these on the European further processed meat supply chain.

The report includes a pan-European synthesis report, nine self-standing country market reports and profiles of Europe’s major further processors .The key objective of this new edition is to measure the market size and segmentation, analyse developments in its industrial supply chains, and provide forecasts in light of ever-changing dynamics.

  • How will demand develop in the future? How should it be captured? Who are the main players in the industry? How are their strategies evolving, through these turbulent times?

For more details on how this report can help your business, it’s structure and subscription costs, click on our downloadable brochure above. If you have more specific questions or would like to to discuss this report directly with our Meat Directors, you may contact Rupert Claxton at r.claxton@girafood.com or Richard Brown at r.brown@girafood.com.We look forward to hearing from you!

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