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Gira Meat Club 📅 SAVE THE DATE! 5th July 2023: webinar for Gira Meat Club and Gira Asia Meat Club members

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    • 📅 SAVE THE DATE! 5th July 2023: webinar for Gira Meat Club and Gira Asia Meat Club members
Apr, 12, 2023

Gira’s in-house experts will join you live to:
review the main drivers and brakes on the global meat market: the high but falling costs and the implications of the Cost-of-Living Crisis, continued volatility from the Ukrainian war, HPAI and ASF.
present selective regional updates from China (recovery from zero-Covid), Europe (high, but falling costs – with the continued Ukrainian war impact), Brazil (record harvest, but HPAI threat) and the US (demand).
We will refocus on what will happen for the rest of the year, including new challenges and issues on the horizon in the meat industry.

This online event is accessible to GMC22 and GAMC23 members. If you are not a member and would like to attend, contact Richard Brown or Rupert Claxton to learn more about how to subscribe to the Gira Meat Club or the Gira Asia Meat Club.

The Gira Meat Club (GMC) provides a unique outlook of global meat markets. It combines short and mid-term forecasts with insight as to the key dynamics and issues by market. Gira knows how crucial it is for the global industry to understand this during these uncertain times. Click on the links below to access the most recent editions of the GMC and GAMC sales proposals:

📅 Don’t forget to save Wednesday the 6th and Thursday the 7th of December 2023 for the 2023 edition of the Gira Meat Club annual meeting at the Crowne Plaza Geneva.

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