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Gira knows food – and most of the actors in the European food chain. We operate in the drink and food sectors and the food-based retail chain throughout the whole of Europe and worldwide in some product sectors such as meat, fish and dairy.

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📅 SAVE THE DATE! 20th June 2023: webinar for Gira Dairy Club members. Gira Dairy Club

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    • 📅 SAVE THE DATE! 20th June 2023: webinar for Gira Dairy Club members.
Mar, 20, 2023

The Gira Dairy Club (GDC) provides an exclusive, annual analysis of milk production and the main dairy commodities in each of the world’s major producing, consuming and trading countries.

It offers the most extensive qualitative and quantitative forecasting base and covers all the issues influencing dairy commodities and milk production in the short and medium term. In short, GDC explains what’s moving where, and why, across the globe. It is delivered via a two-day conference, detailed global and regional reports, a client-tailored presentation, monthly newsletters and a mid-year update webinar.

This year’s mid-year update will take place on Tuesday the 20th of June @ 15h30 CET. We look forward to sharing updates on issues previously discussed at our annual conference last September and discussing what new challenges face the industry. If you haven’t received your invitation to this webinar, contact us at contact@girafood.com.

To find out how the Gira Dairy Club can help your business, you may contact Christophe Lafougere on +33 4 50 40 24 00. Click here to access our 2022 edition sales proposal for information on the most recent edition of the GDC.

If you are interested in receiving the sales proposal for the 2023 edition of our Gira Dairy Club, don’t hesitate to send your contact details to contact@girafood.com

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