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NOW AVAILABLE! European Meat Company Panorama 2020

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Dec, 08, 2020

Efficient and proactive slaughter firms are crucial to the future of the European meat chain and those who depend on it. Over the last decade, continued consolidation of slaughter firms on a national basis, coupled with strategic changes in the leading companies and increased inward investment in slaughtering in Europe, is changing the nature of competition in this sector. More recently, ASF and Covid-19 have been, and will continue to be, massive disruptors in the industry. Do you need a better understanding of what is going on in this ever-changing sector today?

Check out Gira’s “European Meat Company Panorama 2020”, which accurately positions the Top 100 European meat companies, helping you to understand their businesses, species focus, locations, production volumes, and most importantly, their direction of business development.  A live webinar in 1Q21, will highlight the key research conclusions and insights from the study, enabling you to maximise value from the research and disseminate insights to key staff.

To access the full brochure on this study, click here.  If you prefer to discuss this study directly with our Meat Directors, you may contact Rupert Claxton at r.claxton@girafood.com or Richard Brown at r.brown@girafood.com.

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