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Gira Meat Club digital conference today!

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Dec, 02, 2020

The first session of our Gira Meat Club (GMC) conference took place this afternoon! A different experience for everyone involved but the current Covid situation did not get in the way of the 45th edition, which made a smooth transition into the digital world!

Richard Brown opened the conference with an overview of the global meat industry, followed by a special session on the disruption caused by Covid and the challenges to recovery. Rupert Claxton and guest speakers (Jan Peter Van ferneij, Richard Herzfelder and Kevin Grier) shared their views on the pork industry, particularly in Europe, China and the USA, during which ASF and Covid came under the spotlight and a round table of industry experts (Rupert Claxton, Jan Peter Van ferneij, Joris Coenen and Karsten Flemin) shared their insights.

Thank you to our clients, our guest speakers, our GMC team and PixPocket studios for being part of making today happen. We look forward to spending the next two afternoons with you!

If you are interested in joining the Gira Meat Club, please get in touch with Richard Brown, Rupert Claxton or Nils Beaumond.

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