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12th Gira Asia Meat Club - Gira welcomes you to Manila!

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Jan, 29, 2024

Hot topics across the region at a glance are the changing consumer habits in the Philippines, Sustainability, Implementation of Animal Vaccines, Brazilian HPAI, and shifting demand patterns, Malaysian HPAI and the role of Australian live imports in Asian supply. Lots to discuss this year, as inflation and Chinese economic woes have impacted meat consumption across the region, despite falling feed costs. The real question is how that shapes the outlook for 2024 and the mid-term. Especially with momentum building around sustainability in the region.? Click here to access this year’s full agenda.

Gira is delighted to host the GAMC annual meeting in Manila on Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th of February. Rupert Claxton and the Gira Asia Meat Club team are looking forward to this year’s annual meeting and will ensure that we deliver the best to our club members.  This unique annual analysis and strategic review of the Asian meat market and its place within the global meat market is not an event to be missed, especially during these unusual times!

It’s not too late to join us, new members are always welcome! Reach out to Rupert Claxton for details on how.

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