Sub-Saharan African Meat Market Opportunities

Gira are now seeking founder clients, and planning to launch in the summer of 2015 , an interesting and exciting new multi-client research study.

Sub-Saharan African Meat Market Opportunities
The meat markets of Africa’s 46 Sub-Saharan countries are rapidly evolving, but in different ways and with different needs.
Gira will benchmark their progress & highlight key opportunities in their evolution.

It will provide the go to point of reference for those wanting to export to Sub-Saharan Africa or invest in the Sub-Saharan African meat industry.

All this at a time when the Sub-Saharan African Meat market is really seriously evolving. The data frame will be 2014-15 and 2020f.

For further details please click on the proposal link Sub-Saharan African Meat Market Opportunities

Bake-off Bakery Markets in the EU

This fourth edition of one of Gira’s most successful studies will update all the information, analyses & forecasts you need about the European bake-off industry.

Special topics & new features for this 2014/2015 edition include: new countries, deeper look inside bakery categories,

threats for bake-off and update of the Top European bake-off producers League Table.

Click here to read the proposal Gira Bake-off Proposal 02-2015

Meat in Retail EU28

Supply and retailing of raw meat in EU-28. This multiclient study looks at the new dynamics of the sharp end of the beef, pork and poultry chains.

The study which is now underway will cover each individual country of EU28, with an EU Synthesis.

For full details of the proposal please click here.

Gira Asia Meat Club 2015

Details for next year's Gira Asia Meat Club announced.

Fuller information can be found in Gira Asia Meat Club Invitation 2015

Gira Meat Club 2014-15

The Gira Meat Club (GMC) offers a unique window on the world's meat markets. Covering short term forecasts and many of the crucial issues impacting on the markets.

GMC clients include many of the most important meat associations and corporations in the world.

Full subscription details are available in the Gira Meat Club 2014 invitation

Gira World Dairy Club 2015

Gira’s unique annual analysis of milk production and the main dairy commodities in each of the world's major producing, consuming and trading countries:

Butter – Cheese – SMP – WMP – Whey powders – Vegetable fat-filled milk powders – Technical dairy ingredients

Gira World Dairy Club Proposal 2015.

Bakery Ingredients – France

The 8th update of Gira’s unrivalled survey, quantifying bakery ingredients demand by type of products and by sector(artisan/industrials) is now available.

For more information please contact Anne Fremaux,  Director Bakery

European Bakery Company Panorama - new edition published in Nov. 2012

This comprehensive report is a focused, one-stop source of all the essential  information on Europe’s industrial bakers at a country level  for each member of the EU + Turkey and at global EU-27 level, showing the importance of (and profiling) the key players, and what is happening in the business.

Published in November 2012, it looks separately at the four major products: Bread, Viennoiserie, Patisserie and Savoury Pastry and situates each of the main bakery companies in the context of its major competitors, by market (artisanal or industrial) and by technology (fresh, prepacked, bake-off).

Whatever your role in the EU bakery supply chain – miller – ingredient manufacturer – industrial baker – wholesaler – retailer – caterer – equipment supplier or investor – this Panorama provides a unique source of comprehensive, easy-to-access, coherent and comparable information to help you manage and plan your business.

More details available in the European Bakery Company Panorama proposal

Following the announcement by the international retail and consumer intelligence group, IRI, of its acquisition of GIRA Foodservice, we would like to confirm  that our company Girag &...
Gira’s unique annual analysis of milk production and the main dairy commodities in each of the world's major producing, consuming and trading countries: Butter – Cheese – SMP – WMP – Whey...
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