European Bakery Company Panorama

An invitation to Founder Clients to subscribe to the 3rd edition of the Gira European Bakery Company Panorama
2010 - 2015/2016 - 2020.

This Panorama is a focused, one-stop source of all the fundamental industry and market data you need about the European
bakery chain, together with informed opinion on what it means.

Through it, you will be able to follow and fully comprehend the major events in the Bakery sector, with perspectives at both pan-
EU level and for each of the countries covered.

Whichever bakery products or technologies you are active in,
your sector is given full coverage in the Panorama.
Whatever your role in the EU bakery supply chain – miller – ingredient manufacturer –
industrial baker – wholesaler – retailer – caterer – equipment supplier or investor –
this Panorama is the unique source of comprehensive, easy-to-access, coherent and comparable
information that you need to manage and plan your business.

Click on this link to find out more about this insightful and unique multi-client study.


Key Technical Dairy Ingredients Markets to 2020

Proposal for a multiclient study of The Dynamics, Operators & Opportunities in Key Technical Dairy Ingredient Markets to 2020

WPC/I/H–MPC/I–Caseins–MCC/MCI–Permeates–Fat-filled Powder for Producer Dairies–
Ingredient end-users–Traders–Investors in the sector Supplying new consumer & industrial dairy needs

For further details please click on the link

Key Technical Dairy Ingredients Markets to 2020

Long term Strategic Trends in World Meat Demand

Gira are excited to present the proposal for a multiclient study of Long term Strategic Trends in World Meat Demand and its Market Segmentation, Supply and Trade through 2025.

For full details of this Quantitative & qualitative analyses and forecasts of all aspects of the worldwide
Beef, Pork, Poultry & Sheepmeat supply chains, including offals, click on this link Long term meat study.

Sub-Saharan African Meat Market Opportunities

Gira has now published what is essential information for all meat operators and exporters to the Sub-Saharan Africa region, in this interesting and exciting new multi-client research study.

Sub-Saharan African Meat Market Opportunities
The meat markets of Africa’s 46 Sub-Saharan countries are rapidly evolving, but in different ways and with different needs.
Gira has benchmarked their progress & highlights key opportunities in their evolution.

This study is the go to point of reference for those wanting to export to Sub-Saharan Africa or invest in the Sub-Saharan African meat industry. Until now no one has linked all of the pieces in Sub-Saharan Africa’s rapidly evolving meat puzzle.

For further details about the study, please click on the post production brochure link Sub-Saharan African Meat Market Opportunities

Bake-off Bakery Markets in the EU

This fourth edition of one of Gira’s most successful studies has updated all the information, analyses & forecasts you need about the European bake-off industry.

Special topics & new features for this 2014/2015 edition include: new countries, deeper look inside bakery categories,

threats for bake-off and update of the Top European bake-off producers League Table.

Click here to read the proposal Gira Bake-off Post Production Proposal 06-2016

Please also find a copy of the Bake-off Mini Market report which is available for download here  Bake-off Mini Market report

Gira Asia Meat Club 2017

Building on 4 previous editions, the 2017 club will increase the insight into the developments and changes in the industry,

as well as continuing the development of comprehensive data sets.

Details for next year's Gira Asia Meat Club have been announced and the dates are fixed for the Two-day meeting,

in either Bangkok or Hong Kong, on 2nd+3rd March 2017.

Fuller information can be found in Gira Asia Meat Club Invitation 2017

Gira Meat Club 2016-17

The Gira Meat Club (GMC) offers a unique window on the world's meat markets. Covering short term forecasts and many of the crucial issues impacting on the markets.

GMC clients include many of the most important meat associations and corporations in the world.

Full subscription details for the 2016/17 GMC are available in the Gira Meat Club 2016 invitation

Gira World Dairy Club 2016

Gira’s unique annual analysis of milk production and the main dairy commodities in each of the world's major producing, consuming and trading countries:

Butter – Cheese – SMP – WMP – Whey powders – Vegetable fat-filled milk powders – Technical dairy ingredients.

With price & volume forecasts for 2016 and 2017 & volume and price trend forecasts through 2020.

All details can be found by clicking the link

Gira World Dairy Club Proposal 2016.

Gira are excited to present the proposal for a multiclient study of Long term Strategic Trends in World Meat Demand and its Market Segmentation, Supply and Trade through 2025. For full details of...
Following the result of the vote, Gira have a  Pre-Proposal for a Multiclient Study of the short and medium Term Implications of Brexit on the Meat Trade. This will be a quantitative &...
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