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📣NEW STUDY- The Plant-Based Protein Market in Europe

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Dec, 05, 2023

Gira’s new study on the Plant-Based Protein Market in Europe, will focus on soy, pea and wheat proteins destined for the food industry.

Plant based Protein market in Europe, by Gira

The report will cover:

✅Production, exports and imports in EU27 & UK

✅Key end-user applications: meat alternatives, dairy alternatives, bakery products and sports nutrition

✅Future developments and opportunities, competition analysis, latest innovations and much more!

Gira will also include light coverage on rice, fava bean, and rapeseed proteins.

Download the proposal below for full details on this study. If you require further information, reach out to Christophe Lafougère, Mylène Potier or Laurène Bajard.

What our clients say about our reports and expertise…

“…while many statistics can be found or bought elsewhere, talking behind the scenes with Gira’s accomplished experts adds the extra edge to market understanding”.

“The expert team at Gira is very skilled at cutting through the very complex and noisy environment within which the food industry operates and coming up with very clear insights and forecasts to help understand what is happening in the food industry”.

“Gira cuts through the masses in information and highlights what is important and relevant to our industry and how we are positioned against competing proteins”.

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