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Gira Meat Club 2024 Gira Meat Club Global Market Outlook Geneva

Apr, 24, 2024

(48th edition published December 2023)

The Gira Meat Club (GMC) provides a unique outlook of global meat markets.

It combines short and mid-term forecasts with insight as to the key dynamics and issues by market. Gira knows how crucial it is for the global industry to understand this during these uncertain times.

The insights are shared during a two-day annual meeting on the 4th and 5th of December 2024, in Geneva. This annual meeting is followed up with detailed global and regional reports, client-tailored presentations, bi-monthly newsletters and webinars. GMC clients include many of the most important meat associations and corporations in the world, for whom, real insight is crucial.

As well as being one of Gira’s core strategic research services, the GMC, in its 49th year, is an important part of the overall consultancy relationship between Gira and its meat industry clients.

Download the proposal to find out how the Gira Meat Club 2024/2025 can add value to your business or contact Richard Brown or Rupert Claxton to discuss in more detail.

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