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European Meat Companies Panorama 2020

Nov, 08, 2020

(4th Edition Published November 2020)

Efficient and proactive slaughter firms are crucial to the future of the European meat chain and those who depend on it. Over the last decade, ownership, strategies and reach of the top slaughter firms have evolved. The time is right to accurately position who the Top 100 EU meat companies are and to understand their businesses; species focus, locations, production volumes, and most importantly, their direction of business development.

Gira documents this important information in the 4th edition of European Meat Companies Panorama 2020. This report probes the strengths, weaknesses and core strategies of the leading European meat companies, explaining the vast differences in the structure & integration, size, species mix and geographic coverage. The continuing consolidation of the European meat industry on a national basis, the protected nature of the EU market and the changing nature of competition have influenced changes, not to mention the most recent massive disruptors, ASF and COVID-19.

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