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📣NEW STUDY- Potential impact of an HPAI (bird flu) outbreak (bird flu) in Brazil on the global industy

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May, 25, 2023

With the news that HPAI (bird flu) has been found in seabirds midway along the Brazilian coast, the risk of a commercial outbreak in Brazil has risen considerably!

The impact of a commercial outbreak of bird flu on both the global meat trade and the movement of breeding birds from Brazil will have repercussions on the chicken supply globally. How is your company planning for this? How will it be affected?

Gira is looking for founder clients to launch their new crisis study into the key impacts of an outbreak, what are the variables, and how they will impact both Brazil’s ability to produce and export chicken, and the importers’ stance on Brazilian access.

This study will support your strategy teams in preparing the ground for what will be an interesting period, with opportunities for some, and challenges for others.

If Gira’s HPAI crisis study interests your company, contact Rupert Claxton directly to discuss it further.

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