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Global market dynamics in Technical Dairy Ingredients Markets to 2025

Jan, 31, 2020

(2nd Edition Published December 2020)

This study describes, measures and forecasts the production, trade and end-uses of the main industrially produced, “technical” ingredients sold in the multiple forms of whey proteins, caseins and milk powders used for human consumption, as well as of standard vegetable fat-filled milk powder.  It draws conclusions, illustrates best practice and makes recommendations for operators, while investigating alternative strategies for ingredient/dairy operators to add value by increasing their presence along the value chain.

Limited growth potential in their traditional consumer markets, often combined with increasing milk production, is pushing more and more dairies to look for added value in ever more “technical” ingredients.
As part of a general desire to de-commoditisetheir non-branded production, this has largely consisted of ongoing innovation to separate out, concentrate and then find new markets for the non-fat, generally protein components of milk.
End-user markets of these ingredients have thus been able to open up to often new consumer food products –nutritional, recreational, age-related, medical –as well as to increase the efficiency and quality of the industrial production processes for many food products.

While these end-user markets all have very different drivers and needs, the ingredients used are often the same dairy proteins sourced from the same supplier dairies. Our study will allow both suppliers and users to benefit from the opportunities all along the supply chain.

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