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Gira knows food – and most of the actors in the European food chain. We operate in the drink and food sectors and the food-based retail chain throughout the whole of Europe and worldwide in some product sectors such as meat, fish and dairy.

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Meat Market Overview

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The global meat market continues to grow at 1-2% per annum to exceed 320 million tonnes carcass weight.

This macro-level figure masks dramatic differences and the all-important detail between market segments around the world at the micro level. Gira has been analysing all the main regions of the global meat market for nearly 45 years giving a unique perspective and sector specialisation.


Current sector challenges and opportunities:

  • Periods of extreme volatility and dynamism. The graph depicts the weighted average producer prices in local currency having adjusted for inflation.  The 2008 and 2011 price peaks occurred in a decade of robust price increases, signalling a significant trend change from the preceding decades of continual price erosion, particularly in the constrained beef and sheepmeat sectors. The current downturn in real prices is caused by supply reaction to higher prices, enhanced profitability and the impact of dramatic currency change.


  • Highest growth in Asia. China and other Asian markets show the most growth, developing into a powerful magnet for investment and imports from around the world.
  • Impact on prices. China’s development has an ever-increasing impact on prices and profitability for meat producers and processors around the world.
  • Divergent consumer needs. Every market is segmenting in response to divergent consumer demands.
  • Supply chain intensification. The supply chain is intensifying, integrating and concentrating in every sector, but at different rates of industrialisation depending on local characteristics.


Gira’s unique sector focus offers the best data and commercial insight. Contact us to find out how Gira can help you realise the abundant opportunities in this constantly changing sector.

Reports & Analyses

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Gira Asia Meat Club 2020


Running alongside the long-standing Gira Meat Club, the Gira Asia Meat Club gives insight into the developments and changes in the Asian meat sector.


Gira Meat Club


The Gira Meat Club (GMC) offers a unique view of the world’s meat markets, covering short-term forecasts and many of the crucial issues impacting the market.


Asian ASF – Global Impact Analysis

NEWLY PUBLISHED STUDY! ASF in China has become the disruptor of a decade… The rapid spread of ASF through China’s naive and fragmented pig herd is decimating supply. It is claimed that some regions have lost 80% of the standing herd.  The repercussions are massive: in China, in Asia … and for the Rest of Read More...

Long Term Strategic Trends in World Meat Demand and its Market Segmentation, Supply and Trade through 2027


(6th Edition Published) – Gira is delighted to annouce the completion of the sixth edition of the Long Term Strategic Trends in World Meat Demand and its Market Segmentation, Supply and Trade through 2027.


Dedicated products & services

Gira’s products and services fall into the following categories

Consulting services

Using an empirical, information-driven approach, we apply global market intelligence and experience to complex challenges, producing concrete strategies and action plans to fit your business needs.

Individual market research

We obtain the data, interview the players, make sense of the insights and forecast the key future trends to help you develop and refine your strategic and operational goals.

Multi-client market research

Our unique multi-client studies keep you at the cutting edge of strategic developments in your sector, giving you an unrivalled database and forecasts, and a real competitive advantage.

Market audits and due diligence

Our unequalled depth of sector knowledge means we analyse and interpret information rapidly and efficiently, allowing us to operate within tight time and budgetary constraints.

Presentations, workshops, conferences

Presenting our latest research and market intelligence adds real value to your business events – an AGM, a team meeting or a client conference