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Gira knows food – and most of the actors in the European food chain. We operate in the drink and food sectors and the food-based retail chain throughout the whole of Europe and worldwide in some product sectors such as meat, fish and dairy.

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Industry information is rarely in short supply but who tells you what it means for your business? Gira’s reports and presentations, with strategic analyses and operational recommendations, add the value to the information. With over 50 years of total immersion in the world’s food business we apply the value to your individual situation and needs.

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Gira Asia Meat Club 2020


Running alongside the long-standing Gira Meat Club, the Gira Asia Meat Club gives insight into the developments and changes in the Asian meat sector.


Gira Meat Club


The Gira Meat Club (GMC) offers a unique view of the world’s meat markets, covering short-term forecasts and many of the crucial issues impacting the market.


Foodservice for Suppliers in 5 major EU countries


Gira launches its newest study ‘Foodservice for Suppliers in 5 major EU countries’ with the aim being to: define the current and future size & segmentation of the EU’s 5 major foodservice markets, and to provide a detailed understanding of their supply chains along with recommendations on how to access them. cover the five main EU


Asian ASF – Global Impact Analysis

NEW STUDY! ASF in China has become the disruptor of a decade… The rapid spread of ASF through China’s naive and fragmented pig herd is decimating supply. It is claimed that some regions have lost 80% of the standing herd.  The repercussions are massive: in China, in Asia … and for the Rest of the Read More...

Bake-off bakery markets in Europe

Bake-off is the strongest growing sector in a globally stagnant European bakery product market, with Bake-off bakery products now being the key target for almost all of Europe’s industrial bakers. But where really are the best opportunities? And are there any new threats that may change the equation? Gira’s NEW report will provide a unique, qualitative and quantitative forecasting database on European Bake-off markets; up-to-date, comprehensive Read More...

Gira Dairy Club 2019


The Gira Dairy Club (GDC) provides an exclusive, annual analysis of milk production and the main dairy commodities in each of the world’s major producing, consuming and trading countries.


The future of Dynamic Bakery segments : Soft buns – flatbreads – Doughnuts – US/American pastries


Today’s mature European bakery market presents several segments that are of increasing interest to consumers and therefore, for industrial producers.


Long Term Strategic Trends in World Meat Demand and its Market Segmentation, Supply and Trade through 2027


(6th Edition Published) – Gira is delighted to annouce the completion of the sixth edition of the Long Term Strategic Trends in World Meat Demand and its Market Segmentation, Supply and Trade through 2027.


European Bakery Company Panorama


The only pan-European industrial bakery, databank with explanation and informed opinion on what it means. Gira’s Panorama, updated every three years, contains comprehensive corporate, structural and market information on the four major bakery products, bread, viennoiserie, patisserie and savoury pastry.