Lateral Strategic Planning

Lateral Strategic Planning

In real life, there’s never just one, single, guaranteed optimal business strategy. The more complex your business, the truer this is.

Can you really see the wood for the trees?

If you’re not sure, then talk with us about the many benefits which the LSP approach can bring to your company’s strategic decision-making.

Imagine your company is experiencing problems in implementing its growth plans.

Imagine it is in fact three businesses in one:

  • its traditional high volume business, producing a branded product for a saturated, stagnant, undifferentiated market. It’s losing market share and margin here
  • it also produces for a smaller, convenience market, where its sales are constant, but its market share remains obstinately low
  • and it is market leader in a medium-size industrial supply market which is not growing.

The key issue is to really understand its strategic positions on these three markets and to explore how best to respond to each one.

This often means a completely new approach to evaluate your strategic business positions and potential growth opportunities.

So the first thing you have done is to make an inventory of all your available technological capabilities. This has revealed that you probably have the technical skills to succeed in the development of several new product concepts.

But how are you going to handle all of these at once – while ensuring you are optimising performance for your company as a whole?

And what if I also add that you are operating in three countries…?

Instead of collecting, verifying and studying thousands of pages of often more or less irrelevant data, none of which is standardised and so very difficult to compare, you are persuaded to apply the LSP approach and to create a hands-on decision-making system with which to manage your business operations.

By breaking down your current sales and markets according to the technologies you can exploit to serve them, and then further breaking those markets down by the type of end-user you’re selling to – you end up mastering and relativising the dynamics of your present situation.

LSP then takes you further, going beyond your current markets to see what potential, growth markets you have, still using or adapting your core technologies.

LSP is lateral thinking that builds on your core skills.

Concretely, what comes out of LSP is a simple and pragmatic MIS system by which all (and only) relevant data, parameters and scenarios can be reviewed on request, rapidly and in any combinations, as a basis for strategic action.


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