Value elevators

Value elevators

The more complex a problem, the more it must be broken down into its constituent parts. Each part must then be evaluated and diagnosed, before being re-assembled.

How many constituent parts are there to your “profitability problem”, to your low service rate, or to your declining brand value?

But must we concentrate equally on all aspects of the problem, or apply the 20:80 rule and invest just in those aspects that will have the most beneficial effect and that we can influence most easily?

Obviously the latter.

GIRA’s simple concept of Value Elevators means first determining which are the key success variables of your problem, and then where your company is today for each of them:

  • as a function of today’s Best Practice : how do you rate against the best of the competition for each variable?
  • as a function of your potential for improvement : you can’t be all things to all men, so which are the key success criteria where you can really make difference?

Thus for example, if the problem is one of brand-building, GIRA will aid the client to objectively evaluate his position in areas such as: consumer recognition, trade recognition, service, communication, merchandising, internal brand culture, price, range etc.

Each one of these is an “elevator”, positioned nearer or farther from the top of the building; nearer or farther from the “number one” position – Best Practice – in that aspect of the market.

If you’re only on the first floor in consumer recognition, in a mature market, maybe its better to put your effort into improving service, where you’re already on floor 6, and can go to floor 9 with just a little effort. This should open the door to a good position as a retail brand supplier …

The value elevators concept helps companies to visualise the various aspects of their problem, to see at a glance where their strengths and weaknesses are, and to target and concretise just that effort that must be made to attain their objective.

The Value Elevators
for an “everyday” product range producer

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