The Strategy Conclave

The Strategy Conclave

A fancy name for a simple concept!

You’re renewing your group’s strategic options, allocating resources, wanting to expand into new markets, looking for economies … Lots of ideas, probably far less hard facts, and often lots of (perfectly normal) vested interests. And maybe – even in your company – communication between departments and between managers isn’t perfect.

What do you do? Commission a mega-study of all your current and potential markets by an outside consultant? It may be the only solution, but the budget can be horrendous, and you’ve still got to “sell” the results to your management and get them to implement them.

Very often there’s a simpler way.

Your managers are experts. They know their markets and have a fair idea of your company’s potential. They are realists, they know your strengths and weaknesses (OK, from their point of view), and they really have thought a lot about what they would do if they were you! But they won’t necessarily tell you, and their colleagues won’t necessarily agree with them if they do.

Through one-on-one confidential interviews with a group of relevant decision-makers (rarely more than a dozen), GIRA’s consultants find out what each one really thinks about the each of the issues and possibilities you are confronted with.

We assemble these reactions into a “scorecard” – an average for the group for each element of the problem, together with their degree of unanimity (the standard deviation). We then classify the elements into a list, from “highly desirable and operational” to “no way!”.

This list is presented to the group at a workshop (the Conclave), when it is discussed in detail. Each group member then votes (on a simple -5 to +5 scale) for each proposed element or project. The resulting list of projects, in order of preference, is then examined by the group – with GIRA as catalyst and devil’s advocate – to determine the concrete next steps to be taken for each.

This approach has several real advantages:

  • The list of strategic actions and projects is management’s, not GIRA’s. They are the ones who want them. It’s the basis of rational consensus management
  • The elements at the bottom of the list can be eliminated, and normally they should be. Even if they were desirable, you could never carry them out with your existing team!    You have already saved a lot of money and risk
  • You can now concentrate on the really high potential projects, and the Conclave has already shown what benefits are to be expected, how they should be approached, by whom, what uncertainties remain to be researched, etc.         You’re almost ready to roll!

And you’ve saved a large amount of money on researcher and consultant fees.

The Strategy Conclave is not a panacea, but it works a lot more often than you might imagine.

It’s fast – inexpensive (relative to the alternatives!) -  and it really works.

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